Why Denmark?


Danish design is one of the hallmarks of Denmark, ranging from classic furniture design to exclusive fashion.  Scandinavian minimalism stands for simplicity, soft shapes and a superior tradition of craftsmanship.


Denmark is well-known for innovative, experimental and sustainable architecture, as well as preserved ancient historical buildings.


Enjoy a day of fun and learning in some of the fascinating and beautiful amusement and experience parks of Denmark.


The Danish cuisine has gained international renown, with its focus on local, organic ingredients and a high level of quality and innovative modernized variations of old time traditional cooking.


Denmark is world renown for sustainable development and climate friendly solutions, for being a country devoted to biking, and with water so clean that you can swim in it, even in some of the largest city harbors.


Denmark has a very vibrant fashion industry, and offers various shopping possibilities from antiques, fashion and the latest designs.


For entertainment, Copenhagen offers a wide array of events ranging from opera, jazz and ballet to bubbling music and nightlife scenes.


From ancient history to contemporary modern lifestyle, the Danish royal family, which is the oldest monarchy in the world, always spreads happiness and a fairytale atmosphere.