Scandinavian cuisine is famous for being bold and delicious...



Geranium recently received their second Michelin star when Geranium was awarded two Michelin Stars in Main Cities of Europe 2013th. The chef Rasmus Kofoed won the unofficial gastronomic world championship, Bocuse d'Or, 2011, and is the only one ever to have won both Gold, Silver & Bronze. Geranium was well represented at the European- & World Championship for Maître d' in Tokyo, where waiter Søren Ledet won the European Championship and won silver at the World Championship for Professionals, Coupe George Baptiste 2012.

Geranium is a lucid, light and dynamic kitchen. Here you can experience meals that involve all your senses - restores, challenges and enriches. The restaurant is situated on the 8th floor in a beautiful park, in the center of Copenhagen, from where one can follow the seasons' journey through the tree crowns, catch glimpses of the city's green copper roofs and just see the windmills of Oeresund.




Väkst is Cofoco’s newest restaurant on Sankt Peders Stræde. Väkst uses fresh, Nordic vegetables as its starting point, but it is also possible to enjoy a good steak, shellfish or whole-fried fish. The heart of the restaurant is the greenhouse and the countless plants, which pull nature all the way into Väkst and right into the centre of old Copenhagen. The greenhouse is built up through the two floors of the restaurant and expresses both the light and green universe of the top floor, but also the urban and raw atmosphere of the basement




At Aamanns the mission is to revitalise and update Danish smørrebrød to a timeless and surprising, but still recognisable form, where taste is paramount. Although smørrebrød is rooted in the classic tradition, Aamanns are not afraid to challenge the status quo, and are constantly working to bring in new ideas and flavour combinations.

At Aamanns the foundation is the organic sourdough bread, which adds consistency, sweetness and bitterness, and provides a taste and textural counterpart to the cold cuts on top.
Bread, meat, vegetables, herbs, emulsions and crunchy elements are carefully dosed, and constitute a complete aesthetic whole, focusing on the overall flavour impression.

The respect for the chef's craft is a driving force. At Aamanns everything is made from scratch, and of quality ingredients. They choose to pickle, braise, roast and bake themselves. Fruits and vegetables are in season, the fish is sustainable, and their meat comes from animals that have lived a decent life in the open air. Flour and dairy products are organic.