Family tour in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is truly a wonderful city and very child-friendly as well. The city is very clean, safe and it’s easy to get around.  You will find nice cafés where you can bring your children and you will find great facilities for nursing and changing your baby. Copenhagen is dotted with green and blue oases and you will see thousands of city bikes, cycle taxis, harbor busses and loads of parks and several clean harbor swimming basins which all contribute to Copenhagen’s green profile.

In addition, Copenhagen is all about contrasts: You will find small cobbled streets as well as new high tech, modern areas. But the best thing about Copenhagen is that it's so small; one moment you're in the center, the next minute you're at the beach! Copenhagen has it all: museums, parks and playgrounds, art and adventure, dreamy castles, beaches and wildlife. And how, after all, could kids not be beguiled by a city that is symbolized by a little bronze mermaid and idolizes her story’s creator, Hans Christian Andersen, as a national hero?

Spectacular rail journeys!

What about a whole new experience? Take a railway trip along Norways great nature.


Rauma Line - Voted the most scenic rail journey in the world by Lonely Planet.

From Dombås to Åndalsnes in Norway will you enjoy the stunning mountain, windswept plateaus and beautiful woods as you drive along the Rauma river. Along the trip that is 114 km long and takes 1,5 hours will you also see Europes highest perpendicular rock face at Trollveggen and by Verma can you see the beautiful arched bridge called Kylling (Chicken) bridge.

The best time for taking this amazing trip is during mid-summer.



Bergen Line - Voted the second most scenic rail journey in Europe by Lonely Planet

Through this 550 km long journey you will experience spectacular mountains on the worlds steepest railway line. This amazing journey brings you vast and raw nature. You come across Hardangervidda Plateau to Norways highest station in Finse at 1,222 m! You will also have the opportunity to visit The Flåm Railway Documentation Center and learn all about the railway and the trains.

The best time to take this great journey is during the mid-summer or at winter time.


Stunning nature while cruising in Norway


Hurtigruten - One of the most amazing ways to experience Norway!

For 120 years have Hurtigruten been transporting people and goods and was to discover more of Norways bold coastline. The ships go to and from Bergen and Kirkenes and stops at over 20 harbors and interesting cities along the way. This is a opportunity to witness some of the most amazing nature sights in the world. The great roaring mountains the lush forests and exciting animal life. While sailing trough the stunning fjords you will be surrounded by cliffs and waterfalls and as the sun sets the sky will be of the most amazing colors.

Hurtigruten sails the year round.


Fun and exiting way to see Norways rivers and fjords


Paddle sea Kayak - explore the sea.

Experience the amazing nature differently. Waterfalls, snow-topped mountains, green lush forests and wildlife. Kayaking is an amazing experience for the entire family. You don't need to have any experience the highly trained guides will help you. You will be able to be completely comfortable and feel safe while gaze upon the rich Norwegian nature.

We recommend sea kayaking for summer time.